Song of Love

On his third album, Steven Emerson strips things down to the bare essentials, often hanging his delicately disarming folk-pop tunes on nothing but his breathy, Donovan-dreaming-of-Nick Drake croon and his poignantly picked acoustic guitar lines. Song of Love is the sound of a man whose soul has some miles on it, as he pauses on his journey long enough to impart a few artfully phrased observations on The Big Topics – love, loss, memory, hope – the sort of subjects that sink sophomoric songwriters while allowing honest, impassioned workers in song like Emerson to shine.

Set in Motion

Bay Area recording artist Steven Emerson's album Set In Motion - produced by Tori Amos bassist Jon Evans - blends early 70s soul with 60s cool-school jazz. Emerson's quietly seductive voice is perfectly complimented by luscious strings, gospel backing vocals and funky horns, to set a mood that recalls Al Green and Chet Baker in its intimacy and immediacy.